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  • i don’t have this issue on Classic Editor.

    No, spell check on Chrome is not on.

    It literally takes more than 3 seconds for a letter to appear after I typed it.

    Only happen if my post is more than 500+ words, it get even worse after 1000 words or more.


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  • You should check your site health, I’ve written 12K word posts with Gutenberg and saw little performance degradation.



    I have a 20,000 word post in draft currently with the same issue. I have tried disabling blocks along with the spell check in chrome. Site health is perfect, so I don’t think that is part of the issue.

    @drakz, are you running a bunch of plugins? I am running 16, but I never had an issue before and run only the bare minimum. Two plugins are caching plugins. One from Siteground and WP Rocket, I run on a Thrive theme and use 3 of their complimenting plugins as well along with Askimet & Yoast SEO.

    I am also running YASR (star rating) and wondering if this is conflicting somehow.

    I contacted Siteground, my host, and got no help in terms of finding an issue.



    @ogalinski My site health is Good with only 1 recommendation which is to remove inactive plugins.

    @brockly I can’t even reach 2000 words before giving it up. Its probably gonna delay 5 seconds for each letter.

    I’m currently running 6 plugins. caching plugin, seo plugin, security plugin, backup plugin, classic editor, and toc plugin.

    I’ve tried to load the editor with 0 plugins, no luck.

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    @drakz @brockly

    Well, that’s weird. My site has 38 plugins active, no problem whatsoever. Like I said, at 12K words the editor is very usable still. Have you both tried to run your browser in an Incognito/Private mode? also, you should try changing to a stock theme, something like 2020 or some other of that family, I particularly like 2017 for testing. I use GeneratePress Premium by the way, which has great Gutenberg support. Themes can make the Gutenberg experience very pleasant or extremely frustrating.


    Just saying, I wouldn’t run two caching plugins, especially if that other plugin is SG Optimizer. I also have YASR and Yoast SEO, so I don’t think those are the culprits.



    I’m having the same issue. I have a more layout-heavy page with lots of blocks, but it’s basically unusable in the Block editor. Any updates or success @drakz?

    I’m having the same issue as OP. Typing each letter takes 5 seconds!! It’s a complete nightmare.

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