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  • When I open my sidebar to edit it, a previously working site broke. I went back in to look at the sidebar.php code and the last 15-20% of the code was missing. I ended up restoring from the original sidebar.php from the theme and restored the modifications I had made.

    Then I noticed something troubling. Sometimes, when I go into Presentation >> Theme Editor and select sidebar, I need to scroll down to check to see if the ENTIRE code has appeared before making any modifications. Sometimes I get partial listings. If I don’t check to ensure that the entire code is there first, and make any changes and save, I’ll end up with broken code.

    If broken code appears now, I’ll re-click the Sidebar link until I get a complete code listing, then edit what I need and save and all is fine.

    I’m using FireFox

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  • Don’t use the theme editor? Maybe just in case of emergency?

    Use an ftp program that’s tied to a local editor (I use notepad2 and FileZilla). This also gets around a lot of the permissions issues because it doesn’t require opening up permissions.

    It’s not about permissions. If there were permission problems, I wouldn’t get to update the code at all. The issue is that the theme editor is randomly opening and displaying only part of the file.

    You’re right. It isn’t about permissions. That’s why Yosemite used the word “also” in his sentence.

    It is about waiting for the theme editor to finish loading the content in the edit field.

    Waiting doesn’t resolve the problem, either.

    Interesting new symptom. I pull up an intact sidebar, visit another Firefox tab, return to edit the sidebar and the sidebar code is truncated.

    That is indeed an interesting symptom! I just tried to recreate with FF1.5, ie7b3 and Opera 9. Alas, I couldn’t. Are there additional steps beyond going to another tab?

    So I guess that begs a question: What sorts of FF extensions are you running?

    Many extensions. Is there an easy way to get a list?

    aaron: Are you clearing cache before testing?

    I clear my FF cache daily. Some time conflict between getting what I need done (my paying gig) and testing FF/WP issues (fixing my tools). Going back to a pristine FF install w/no extensions isn’t practical at the moment. (Pity it’s not easy to install two versions of FF to run, one pimped and one plain.)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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