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  • I updated my site to 3.5.1 and now some of the editor buttons are acting strange.

    For instance the LINK button in the visual editor when clicked does nothing. If you hit it again the screen goes grey and the link box appears at the BOTTOM of the page but it doesn’t do anything or you can add a link but you cant exit from it. Also it doesn’t offer any link searches.

    To exit off the link button dialog box you need to fresh the page as cancel etc doesn’t exit me from it.

    I renamed/deactivated the plugins folder, and re-installed wp 3.5.1 and that didn’t help.

    I don’t know how to check for javascript errors. Can anyone help with that?


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  • Do you have the link manager plugin?

    One other major change is the Link Manager. If you’re using it, you’ll want to install the Link Manager plugin – – because it’s going away. Don’t worry, if you’re using it, it will still be there, but if you’ve never used it, it will become invisible.

    I don’t know what the link manager is so I assume I am not using it as I don’t have anything like that installed.

    Unless the “link manager” is one of the buttons on the WYSIWYG editor tools thats shaped like the infinity symbol or chain link image.


    Yes, that’s what the link button is — at least so far as I know. See if installing that plugin fixes it.

    Why would WP remove the “insert/edit link” button.

    Thats what it’s called when I hover over it.

    I cant imagine thats what they removed.

    Also the add media button doesn’t work, so it’s something else.

    And I cant switch to the TEXT tab at all.


    It was a change made in 3.5 – as to why, you’d have to ask the development team (it has been debated and discussed elsewhere, BTW).

    If it seems to be more widespread issues, you’ll need to go through all the steps in this thread:

    I have other sites running wp 3.5.1 and the edit link buttons work and are available. So the link manager is for something else.

    I went through that list and the only thing I didn’t do was changed themes.

    If I change themes will it screw up my site when I revert back?


    No, it should be fine — theme settings are stored. People do this all the time. But it’s always smart to have a full backup before you do any kind of work like this.

    What theme are you using?

    I am using a paid theme called PACIFICO.

    I switched to twenty12 theme and it works fine with the editor.

    So what do I do now?

    How do I figure out what the problem is with the theme?


    You’ll have to contact the vendor or developer — unfortunately, we can’t support commercial themes here.

    My link button isn’t working either — and installing the Link Manager didn’t do anything to fix it. I’m using the Yoko theme (one of the free themes from the WordPress gallery).

    I can get around this, but boy, is it ever annoying.

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