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    HUGE problem today getting a post working.

    The editor ignored by carriage returns and efforts to use </br> and   and this is happening whimsically. I could get one thing working, publish the page and then a different group of paragraphs would be collapsed into a single mass.

    Creating Online Calculators: a comparison

    On my page, in the JavaScript section and the PHP section there are areas where there’s a period and a letter with no space in between. Those are supposed to be paragraph breaks. If I try to fix those now, I run the risk of the Excel Web App section collapsing back into 1 paragraph instead of 3.

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  • Im no programmer but, It seens like noone can help you here. I wanted to recommend you sign up for are alot of good programmers there, and hackers, but they really know computers. Its a friendly learning enviroment, they can help you for sure.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I’m wondering if I may have confused the issue with the way I described the problem.

    There’s a section in the post where I write about JavaScript and PHP. There’s no coding going on. In those sections, there are examples where paragraphs have blended together in spite of my efforts to use carriage returns and  

    I’m wondering if this is a TinyMCE issue. This is bizarre and started happening mid-day today.

    I took the code and pasted it into Live Writer.
    Fixed everything in Live Writer and pasted that code over the stuff that wasn’t acting right.

    All is good now. (I just wish I knew what went wrong.)

    Sometimes, especially if you copy and paste a code – WordPress will get confused with some of the quotes (“), colons (:), semi-colons (;) and apostrophes (‘). If I get something like this, I copy and paste the code in Notepad or other editor, then I merely copy and paste it back and it will miraculously start working!

    This sounds like what happened to me. I’ve started building more posts in Live Writer and copying the HTML into WordPress’ editor. All has gone well with that method.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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