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  • Resolved Chris Van Patten


    This is a great little plugin. Solves a very specific problem very easily. Thanks!

    I’m curious though why you don’t have the excerpt editor in a metabox (with <div class="postbox">...</div>. Even if you have it in a metabox, it won’t be draggable (it needs specific classes and containers to make that possible) so you can still have the nice metabox style and not worry about breaking TinyMCE.

    I forked the plugin for an internal project and tweaked it to make it work like this; here are my changes if you wanted to add them back to mainline:

    Line 85: print('<div class="postbox"><h3><label for="excerpt">Excerpt</label></h3><div style="padding: 10px 10px 13px;">');
    Line 96: print('</div></div>');

    The changes are pretty basic; just tweaked the container to have class="postbox" and added a div wrapping around only the editor so it didn’t bump up against the borders of the metabox.

    I tested this pretty extensively in 3.5 trunk today and it works beautifully. Try as I might to drag other metaboxes around it, it all works beautifully. The metabox for the excerpt has a “move” style cursor on hover, but it’s useless. It can’t be opened or closed either.

    Thanks again for a wonderful little plugin that saved me a bit of time and energy!

    EDIT: I just saw you have this up on BitBucket. I’ll go file a pull request there!

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  • Plugin Author bjorsq


    Thanks for the feedback Chris – I’m not maintaining this project on bitbucket any more (I’m using the wordpress SVN), but I really value you feedback. I’ve decided to implement your suggestions in the forthcoming release of the plugin. I’ve also added some CSS which fixes the cursor so it doesn’t look like it can be moved, and some script to remove the events bound to the h3 of the postbox. Should be released this weekend.

    Plugin Author bjorsq


    This has now been fixed in the plugin and you can now add the excerpt editor as a draggable, sortable metabox, or in a fixed position as before. This involved adding some script from the trac ticket which fixes the issue with TinyMCE in a draggable box. I have kept this as a configurable option, because I’m not able to test in all browsers. I’m now developing this plugin on Github:

    Will still push any releases to the WP SVN repo

    Awesome! That’s great to hear. I’ve starred the plugin over on Github. Looking forward to trying out the new changes!

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