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  • I’m encountering a rather strange problem: When I add a new post in the backend, it overwrites the former post (ID) and its contents with the new contents. The post ID simply does not change any more.

    I have tested with all Plugins switched off and using a standard wordpress theme. No change in behaviour. I have replaced the wordpress core files with a new installation.

    The only thing I remember is, that I had installed Gutenberg and then reverted to Classic editor. So now I’m with Classic editor again. This may have caused the problem (or not.)

    Thanks for suggestions

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  • Theme?

    My own developed theme. Switching to wordpress standard 2016 or 2017 theme did not bring any changes

    Also my theme does solely address the front-end, not the backend. And I’m talking about the backend only.

    Isn’t the database table for posts supposed to auto increment the post number?

    I think that’s the first place I’d look.

    A good hint. I checked it with myphpadmin. ID Values are alright. However, when I create a new post, the post_parent value is not set to 0 (indicating that the post itself is a new post), but post_partent is set to the former posting, effectively making the new post a revision of the post_parent.

    Meanwhile I have used the “Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions” Plugin and again Re-Installed the most current wordpress, but no luck.

    When I press the “Add new” (post) button, it always jumps to the last post and re-edits that one. Unless I log out and log in again. Any more comments? Any other forum, where I should pose this question?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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