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  • I am using WP 3.3.2
    First off let me say it is great to be back and be able to ask you geniuses again. I was locked out for a while. Even emailed C.S over 6 months ago with nothing, no response. Gave it one more try and it emailed me a new Password. Yeah!!

    Here is my challenge. When using the Wp editor it looks good and lined up even shows my images placed to the right or left as coded. I hit preview in my F.Fox Browser and my images are moved over, as well as some of my text has been moved around/jumbled a bit…Anyone else?

    This site became corrupt or something almost a year ago after an update. That is when I lost my sidebar where my recent blog posts, excerpts/titles used to be parked and then, after an update they were slammed down in the footer.
    I wonder if that has anything to do with this new bug?
    I have been posting fine and not worring about images going left or right just installing them, but now it is another ball game

    If you click through to netcom you can take a look at what I mean about the information stuffed at the bottom of the pages. I did not publish this last Post because the view between the editor and FF are off. Thanks in advance for anyone’s detailed response, I am grateful to be back amongst you folks.

    P.S Like this address shows correct with jpg over to the right but when previewed in the browser it is on the left…? Even on line as you can see here

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