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  • I created a lovely test version of a customizer child theme for my organizations website which worked like a dream, but in trying to transfer the theme to the live site have come up against some strange issues.

    For some reason the circle images are not behaving consistently. My three featured post images are not behaving correctly -The images are not filling the circle, but are instead too small and appear cut off (straight image edges are seen) when scrolled over. On my test site this was not an issue at all – all uploaded images immediately resized to fill the circle, and I know it is not a thumbnail regen issue as I freshly uploaded the images after installing the theme. Also regular post images are appearing as squares rather than circles (I’ve seen documentation on fixing this, just mentioning it in case it is connected)

    Why would it work in one site and not in the other which has an identical child theme? I’ve tried disabling most (will have to try all, I know) of my plugins to no effect.

    Secondly, and this is an issue with both the test and live website, making me wonder if it is a bug in the latest Customizr update:
    My WordPress visual editor is showing my page background image behind my text in the actual WYSIWYG editor (not in preview mode). This is very distracting and actually inaccurate, since my css on the actual site gives a solid background for the content section.

    You can view the successful test site here:
    however I’ve reverted the live site (the one with most of the issues) back to its old theme while I work on these bugs so as not to show the public an ugly face. Any theories on the cause of these issues would be a great help.

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  • Your 3 images are currently showing correctly, set at 270×250. What’s their size in the corrupt site? Use F12 (Code Inspector) to view the HTML source and look for the 3 divs containing .thumb-wrapper class.

    Nobody else has complained about the Editor, so would think you have a local hosting issue. Are you sure your WP install is OK? Try changing to a different Theme and see if the problem is still there.

    Well the background issue is definitely not due to the individual WP install, as I have switched themes a few times and it also is having the same issue in both the test install and the live install (completely separate installations, with the issues occurring only under customizr).

    I did notice a difference in the .thumb-wrapper code but I can’t figure out the reason for the change since I’ve tried my best to make all my own code input identical.

    Here is the code on the problematic site:

    img src=”″ class=”attachment-medium wp-post-image” alt=”childface copy”

    And here is the code on the functioning site:

    img width=”270″ height=”250″ src=”×250.jpg” class=”attachment-tc-thumb wp-post-image” alt=”childface copy”

    The code on the problematic site is not customizr core code – I’ve searched the core code base.

    I recognise the 2nd set of code as generated by customizr (& you say it works!)

    Try disabling ALL your plugins next. I’d be tempted to lay money on it (& I’m not a betting man!) 😉

    You won that bet! Turned out it was the Jetpack Photon shrinking the images slightly and cutting them off on mouseover.
    Thanks very much!

    The strange editor background image is still going on though, so I’m not sure where that is coming from, but at least that is just on the backend, so I can take a bit more time to solve that one.

    Which Editor are you referring to?

    There’s a Theme Editor under Appearance>Editor. Would recommend that you do not use this Editor to edit your Theme – it will change core files and you’ll lose them at next update (3.1.0 in beta at moment).

    Or did you mean the Post Editor (with Visual/Text tabs)?

    Not heard of this problem before. Are you sure it’s not a plugin again?

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