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    I am trying to find the right meta key to edit the price of a variartion of a product! I can find the meta key for the title and reg price but not as deep as a price for a var!

    I am using the bulk meta editor in booster pro. The “help” section is a bit lean in the inf dept on this topic!

    On the site i need to set the increase price to 6$ instead of 8! I know how to change the actual text in drop dwn ..that is done products>attributes section..

    The only way i know for sure to make the edit is to enter and edit each of the 100+ items product pages then edit it that one by hand on each of its setting line by line for each generated variation!!!! That is not practical bc it would take weeks!


    Any help or ideas would be appreciated

    Tom g / GiveSuccess

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    i cant believe no one has ever had this prob or figured out yet? I dont want to have to go into every item to set this variation price!!!

    Please helpme figure this out…i know it canbe done but i just need the meta key structure to enter the bulk editor…like _price or _regular price for example.

    I need that type meta inf for a variations price to set but my best guess _product_variation_regular_price but that is not it tho.

    Does any one know??? I need this done buy end of day today but cant figure it out. If I have to edit each on its own i will have to charge a lot of $$ and they will be mad!

    I try to help others so pls help me out here!

    Hi @givesuccess,

    Prices for variations have same meta keys as for other products, i.e.: _price, _regular_price and _sale_price.

    Variation prices are saved in transients, so after you change prices, you need to go to “WooCommerce > Status > Tools” and click “Clear transients” button for “WooCommerce transients”.

    Also please make sure that you have checked “Add Variations to Products List” in “WooCommerce > Settings > Booster > Products > Product Bulk Meta Editor” so variations would be added to the product list in “Product Bulk Meta Editor” tool.

    Hope I helped – please let me know if it’s still not working.

    Best regards,

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I have a site that sells belts and they have a size drop down menu with 3 diff price points. They add +4$ then add +8$ but the person wants to change that to be instead of that +8$ they want it to be just +6$…if that makes sense. Look at the link for the actual prod. in my first post.

    I can edit the “+ 4$” inf in the menus in woo>prod>attributes> in bul bc i used same attributes/variations from there. I made them all first to be easy to edit them but price is diff thing …harder to do in bulk for what i want.

    I will have to go thru each of the 100+ plus to fix and each can take 3-5 mins each to fix 🙁 if no goo bulk way to do it is found.

    I tried to put _regular_price in the bulk editor that i have the paid pro version and chose one item for test. It only found one and it was the base price. I checked the box for “variations of variable products will be added to the list. But it doesnt show for EACH of the variations!

    How would you (or anyone) fix/edit this?

    Trying to find a less boring way to do it.

    Thanks again!

    tom g / GIveSuccess

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    I wish woo would add a settings box for each variation in woo>attributes so as we create them we can set a “adjust price by X$” then it would be simple one edit and save.

    Thread Starter givesuccess


    I just had to edit each one its own bc i ran out of time and no one else had good idea of bulk way. 🙁

    It took me about 3.5 hours to do 148 items!!

    Thanks for help and this i will mark resolved…sorta!

    tom g / GiveSuccess

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