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  • I tried changing the upload location in the MIS section, and it broke all my previous posts that used the gallery short cut.


    I changed it back, but I’m assuming this is a bug of some kind

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  • esmi


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    You moved the uploads folder location – so previously uploaded images that are still in the old upload location cannot possibly work. All of the generated urls will be incorrect.

    That’s not a bug. That’s just plain logic.

    You could use the “Search and Replace” plugin.

    Then search and replace your old image path with your new one.

    So, for example, if the old path were: wp-content/uploads/
    And the new path is simply: uploads/

    Then you could search for “wp-content/uploads/” and replace it with “uploads/”

    Just make sure you know what you’re replacing what with before you run it.


    I didn’t change the file location, I changed the option in wordpress’s “mis” section:

    so the files that were uploaded in the past are still all in the same place they were before. The gallery shortcode though doesn’t seem to be remembering anything, so even a post that I make 2 years ago with it is showing the new url instead of ye olde one.

    so my post from 2007 that says ‘[gallery]‘ doesn’t work when I want to change the location of future uploads. I didn’t expect a change in the options to affect previous posts like that.

    Thanks for trying to help me though, your particular flavor of snark was tasty.


    thanks a ton, I think that’ll do what I need it to

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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