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  • When working on a draft one cannot change the date of the post before the post is published.
    Steps to reproduce include:
    Make a new post
    set as draft
    Click Advanced Editing
    Check Edit Timestamp
    Change date, click Save and Continue Editing
    Notice that the date was not modified. Saving, and then going back to the draft also does not work. Editing the timestamp will not work until a post is published.
    If this behavior is intentional, albeit misleading, then the expected behavior is desirable in instances such as where one is taking a personal site and switching it to run on WordPress. For instance, my site is something I was originally doing in plain HTML using vim, so I’ve had to import my posts by hand.

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  • exactly. this is a problem for me too in 1.2 when manually entering a post and setting the time. there is no way to save the time but keep the post in draft status. if a post is a draft, the date is automatically updated any time you edit that post. there is, apparently, no way to set and lock the date without publishing other than changing the status to private.
    i agree with errorlevel, and think this is a bug. so from here, i guess i’ll head over to skeeter and see about filing a bug.

    I’m not sure if this is related or the same thing because I haven’t explored it fully yet. But I’ve noticed some of my posts have the correct server time on them, and some have my local time. Drives me nuts because sometimes posts will show on the blog, and other times they’ll say “nothing posted on that yet”. Or they just wont show up.

    Oops, I should have pointed out this is in v1.2 -Kathy



    Did anything ever come of this? I’ve only been using WP for a few months now (love it), and this is one of the most annoying things for me … that when I open up a draft, it automatically changes the timestamp to the new time.
    Sometimes I start a post and it takes a day or two to finish, but I’d still like it to be in it’s proper place on the time line when I am done with it. Sometimes I’ll pull a published post back into draft mode when new info becomes available or it needs some other sort of editing that can’t be done quickly enough to leave the other version live on the site (the correcting of misinformation for example), and when I do that … the timestamp changes, thus making me have to remember when it was originally written so it will appear where it should when it is re-published.
    Having the option on drafts to keep the original timestamp from it’s first creation or to edit it to the new timestamp would be nice. It’d be better than nice … it’d be wonderful.

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