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    Where do you go in the Theme program to edit “Three Columns Region 1”; “Three Columns Region 2” and “Three Columns Region 3” that are located at the bottom of the Home in the Nusantara Theme? I cannot figure out how/where to enter info to edit/change from the stock layout. Thanks!

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  • Theme Author Amdhas Chromatic


    You can go to widgets area, and for all element
    Just drag and drop element on theme options.

    Many thank’s


    I am using Batavia Home. The program says “Three Column area widget” are enabled. The widgets are dragged into the right side of the active widget area. However, I cannot enter information into the widgets – they open, but do not allow me to enter info inot them. I’m closed and reopened the propgram, etc. I’m wondering if I’m missing something – doing something wrong.



    I you goto Nusantara Options, then Batavia home, you can drag and drop the widget areas in and out of the front page and up and down to get them in whatever order you like. Then, goto widgets and on the right, open those widget areas and drag and drop the widgets from the left into them. I would just stick a widget in each, reload the page in another window to locate them, then switch em around until I got em in the right spaces and containing the right info. Batavia options contains many of the override spaces. Sometimes you just have to enter something into it or disable it to change the stock stuff. I’m new, but I hope this is helpful. It would have been to me. 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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