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  • I bring up the theme editor and look around at some of the files. I am hoping to modify so that I can add my website logo, maybe adjust backgrounf color to match my website theme. I notice that at the bottom of the editor, it says:

    “If this file were writable you could edit it.”

    Can i just arbitrarily change protections on the site and hack away?

    Is this an allowable thing to do?

    Is this strongly discouraged?

    (an obvious newbie)

    Chuck Puckett
    “I don’t want to steal the show… I only want to borrow it for a while.”

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  • chuck. newbies are people too! don’t beat yourself up.

    The files need to be writable by the web server user account, so using your control panel of FTP program you need to change MODE (chmod) so these files can be written to.

    chmod 755 works for most, but chmod 666 should work just as well.

    If you are not sure how to do this, please ask your webhost to help you out.

    chuck… chuck… bo buck… fo fanny.. fo.. wordpress! lol

    ~ peace

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