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  • What is the simplest way to add additional content to the frame (sidebar and/or header)? I’m pretty good at HTML, but am quite unfamiliar with PHP. I need to be able to add image links – in particular, links to the blog directories where I’m listed – but can’t figure out how to do it. Thanks. 🙂 (BTW, if there is already a thread about this, feel free to simply point me there. I can’t seem to find a thing with the search facility here.)

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  • The sidebar and such are generated by your theme. Most themes use sidebar.php for this. If the permissions are set up correctly, you can edit them straight from the admin panel in the Presentation->Theme Editor panel.

    The theme will have some PHP elements making decisions about what stuff to output and what stuff to not output. The easiest way for you to get what you want done is to look for part of your sidebar that always shows up and then add the image links in after that.

    That’s a really short answer, hope it helps. I’m sure it’s in a FAQ somewhere about theme editing.

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