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    I’m wondering if there’s any way to change the greeting in the email that sends to the client. Above the email message, it just says “Hello” with no punctuation. I’d at least want there to be a comma after the word, but ideally to be able to add the client’s name.


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    Hey Ruby,

    When you select a client for the proposal it will automatically add the clients name after the hello in the send proposal email template.

    As for the punctuation, I have made the proper modifications to the plugin and the fix will be included in the next update. We are working on some other features but hope to release the new version very soon.

    If you would like, send me your email address and I can send you the updated file in the meantime.

    Kevin W.



    Hi, thanks for replying. It looks like in signature_form.php there is a comma after the client name but in send-proposal-metabox.php there isn’t. It’s important to me that I’m using proper grammar in all aspects of my business communications as it’s one of my offerings 🙂

    If this is something that’s being worked on, it would be great if the user could have the choice to only use the client’s first name, rather than both first and last, and also choose not to use their name at all (or instead choose the company name for the greeting). Sometimes I feel like I’m on a first name basis with clients, but sometimes I don’t. Also, occasionally I know it will be shared with a board or higher-ups with whom I haven’t had direct contact with, in which case removing the name field or choosing the company name would be more appropriate.



    After writing all that, the simplest answer would be to remove the greeting from the automation entirely so that the user can add it to the email body text that is already available…

    Plugin Author WP Codeus


    Hey @ruby314722,

    Here is the solution to temporary add the correct punctuation to the send proposal email template.

    1. Navigate to file send-proposal-metabox.php
    2. Line 204 you will see the following: $wpp_client_name = $wpp_client_term_name[0];
    3. Replace line 204 with the updated code:

      if (!empty($wpp_client_term_name[0])) {
                $wpp_client_name = " $wpp_client_term_name[0]";
       } else {
                $wpp_client_name = "";

    4. After completing that, on line 229 with the class of “email_title welcome”, update the text to the following between the paragraph brackets: Hello$wpp_client_name,

    The if statement basically controls whether to put a space between hello and the client name.

    As for the client name when we built the plugin we figured most users would set the client name to their liking, but we completely get where you’re coming from.

    It wouldn’t be very difficult to add another text field to the send proposal metabox for a custom greeting name and auto-populate the clients’ name by default. This will at least give users the option to customize it if you would like on a per-proposal basis.

    If you have any other suggestions, by all means, send them our way!

    Kevin W.

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