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  • seems after i set wordpress up to be in /wordpress and my blog in /, the interface through wordpress that is supposed to let you change your htaccess file etc only lets you change the comment and pop-up comment templates… or am i doing something wrong?

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  • What error does it generate ?

    Editing index.php
    Oops, no such file exists! Double check the name and try again, merci.
    and such for all but the comments. It seems wordpress doesn’t know that index.php and .htaccess are not in the root wp dir?

    This is from #irc last night ….
    Options — General
    The WordPress address must point to the install.
    The Blog address to where the files are.
    And to get it working, “if your index is in the root directory and the installation is under another directory, you must change the call on the third line in index.php to require(‘./installationDIR/wp-blog-header.php’);”
    Try IRC #wordpress on ?

    I did change that stuff. It’s only the web based editing that doesn’t seem to work.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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