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  • The site is built in, and all content is hosted there. I would like to simply use to act as a mask for domain1, but when changing the settings in the admin, it doesn’t work.

    I want the admin login, adding new content (i.e. posts, media, etc) to remain with domain1. I’ve double checked the settings via PHP MyAdmin on Hostmonster. The only file in the domain2 file directory is an empty .htaccess file.

    When this failed, I then went into my domain manager and set up domain2 as a mask for domain1. Still not working.

    What am I doing wrong?

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  • I am guessing that you are saying that you want the URL to stay showing at the top while it shows the site for I’m guessing also that the problem you are running into is that the URL keeps changing to instead?

    If the above is true, I know it is happening because WordPress has a built-in redirect to only use the URL that it is installed to. I am not sure if there’s a way around that, you would maybe have to work with the .htaccess of Or you could just do masking by iframe using this:
    <iframe src ="" width="100%"></iframe>

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