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  • I am in charge of updating a very outdated site that I inherited (for a nonprofit org). It was suggested to me to handle this update offline using MAMP. I successfully installed MAMP and WordPress, and have been able to set up a new WordPress site locally. However, rather than build it from scratch, I would much rather import my old pages and take it from there. I have researched the topic online, but the results/instructions are way above my head. Can anyone point me to a tutorial that would explain the steps in simple language?
    I’m not a programmer, but have taught myself the basics of WordPress.

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  • Thanks – but I don’t understand how these instructions can help me. I am looking to copy the files to my local computer and then edit them offline.

    And that page contains the instructions that you need to follow if you want to update a remote site from a local one or vice versa. All of the site’s content is stored in a database – not files – so the process of moving content from one site to another is far from straightforward.

    I know you’re trying to be helpful. But, this is just over my head. I don’t want to move anything just yet. I want to site to stay the way it is while I work offline and make the necessary adjustments (i.e. changing the theme, etc.). Thanks anyway. I’ll continue to research the topic.

    It seems that you have misconstrued the response by esmi when what he meant to type is COPY rather than MOVE.
    The wordpress install on your server has a website that is contained inside a database that is it wrapped up in a database that word press reads and can play with.
    You have a local install of wordpress and as part of that setup have a database server (MYSQL)this is the database that wordpress reads
    So you need to EXPORT the contents of your website wordpress database and import that content into your LOCAL wordpress database.
    Having done this EXPORT or COPY you can then edit the site using your local install of wordpress and then push modifications back to your live website ( IE the install of wordpress on the website).
    If that’s still beyond your technical abilities then you need to find someone else to support the site as if you are still misunderstanding the concept of wordpress databases that would consititute a WordPress Error U53r1qZ3Ro .

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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