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  • I’m using connections theme, by default there is a ABOUT THE SITE on the side bar. I tried to edit the side bar to change the title and to fill up with content the ABOUT THE SITE. Also if is possible to add another piece with onother topic.To add more stuff to the right side bar.
    Thank you very much for your answer I apreciate it

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  • what exactly is the question??

    How do I fill up the box called ABOUT THE SITE.

    Admin > Options> tagline: “enter stuff here”

    Thank ‘s that did it. Now how can I insert a picture in there ?

    How I change the blocks titles so intead of categories said
    something else

    < h2><?php _e('Categories:'); ?></h2>
    <h2>Your New Title</h2>
    To add a picture, put
    <img src="thhp://path/to/image.jpg" width="125" border="0"/>
    between the <ul> tags
    Add <br> or <p> as needed to add space

    I think you guys are a great community, I m a new baby in wordpress you answered all my questions, thank’s

    I would like to know where that file is located where you have to add this code
    I can even delete /blog/wp-admin/sidebar.php on my server but nothing changes on my site
    please explain

    First of all, don’t delete wp-admin/sidebar.php (although I don’t think you need it, but still).
    Second of all, go to Presentation > Theme Editor > choose the theme you’re using in the dropdown list and click Select (if the theme wasn’t there as a default). On the right, click on Sidebar Template. Edit that.

    If there isn’t an Update File button, you need to change file permissions.

    Hope this helps.

    ok, found it 🙂 but:
    ‘if this file was writable you could edit it!’
    I don’t understand, I have only one account and all files are read, write and execute for that account
    what could be wrong?

    or doesn’t it work with the default theme?

    thank you for your time

    ok, solved!
    I was confused, I thought there was only one sidebar.php, but there are several..
    I now now the one to edit (to achieve what I want) is located in wp-content/themes/default, and not in wp-admin
    it only took me 2 days to figure that one out 😀

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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