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  • johnmcelborough


    Hi all, I’ve got an interesting challenge which I’ve never come up against with wordpress before. Not sure if its something which wordpress does natively and i’m just being dense or if this sort of thing isn’t supported. here goes…

    We have multiple users accessing and editing posts and pages and have strict rules on who can edit/ publish. We’re using the members plugin ( to contol roles.

    Sometimes we need the ability for an author (who is not authorised to publish posts) to be able to edit a published post and save it to draft so an editor can go in, approve the changes and publish the updated page.

    Making duplicates of pages doesn’t seem to be an option as this will create new pages and mess up permalinks.

    Obviously this can be easily achieved with a bit of copy/ pasting each time but this isn’t an option in this case as these are non technical users.

    Does anyone have a solution for this please?

    Many thanks


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  • flamenco


    I had thought WP had no version control, but a 5-second web search yielded this:

    Yet, I don’t think it provides exactly what you’re asking for.

    There appears to be a few other version control plugins, too. But as in many requests I see, for very precise things, some PHP programming probably required.

    Good luck, Dave

    Thanks for your reply. Yeah I’ve looked at several version control plugins but they don’t really do what I’m after

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