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  • Since the upgrade to 4.9 (I think, not 100% sure) the “AddMedia” and “insert/edit” link functions do not work. Also, I cannot switch from Visual to Text mode anymore. I can post (I did a post titled Test) but without using the functions above.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Yup, same here.

    I was having the same problem after updating to WP 4.9. I also had issues with my theme, the page builder and the theme options was not working.
    Then I found a solution, maybe it’s related to your problems.
    If you’re site is running on a formal language setting, this can be the problem. So simply just change the backend language in your profile (and in the profile of the other admins) to the informal language, and it will hopefully solve your problem.
    For example instead of “Deutsch (Sie)” use just “Deutsch”. But this can happen also to Dutch and other languages.
    Very annoying that the bug was reported 8 days ago, and they still couldn’t fixed it. :-/

    Hi, yes I also had grave problems with the editor and file upload:
    All the tabs and buttons in the backend didn’t work anymore,
    Plugins like Yoast SEO showed mostly empty pages (and there also the tabs didn’t work).
    Media: the uploader worked, but no media were shown in the overview
    I deactivated all the plugins and even switched to the standard-theme (twentyseventeen) – to no avail.

    But then I read the comment by gega23, which gets to the core of the issue – and it worked! After just switching the language from Deutsch (formell) to just Deutsch everything runs as smoothly as I am accustomed to by wordpress.

    So thanks a lot to the developers and the wordpress community (in this case especially to @gega23). I love wordpress 🙂

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    Hi, i just also read it somewhere so i have just passed along the info. I’m glad it solved your issue. 🙂

    Nothing is solved, actually. It is a dirty workaround. Most, if not all romanian languages differentiate between “you” (my brother) and “you” (my boss). These sites need the formal language files. By the way, it is a bug, obvioulsy. And a nasty one!

    Hi. Thanks for these posts. I disabled all the plugins and reactivated them little by little and in my case was the Google AdSense plugin. It has an issue but I’ll take care of it later.

    Thanks for solving my editing problems since upgrading to WordPress 4.9. Switching to informal German was the trick, but has the downside of unprofessional appearance.
    So if you need formal German (as most business sites will do) try this: just rename the files in your language directory. Firstly you should rename to and to Then you should do the same with all other .mo-files like or Läuft für mich.

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    There’s a new WordPress release out today that looks like it addresses the language issue, among other things.
    Here’s the info on the release.

    I have 4.9.1–en_GB installed and language set to English (UK) and I have the same problem.

Viewing 10 replies - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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