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    Today i started to have major problems with my WPblog.
    I cant add or delete Categories.
    I can add posts n Comments.
    But not delete em.

    The problem i get is when I’m trying to delete or add category, or delete an post i get the errormessage.
    “Length Required”.
    As you can see on that screen I get the error messange while trying to add Categorys.

    And yes, I’m using an transleted WP from English to Swedish.

    Could anyone help me out with this?
    I have cleared my db.
    I’ve tried to reinstall wp after.
    I dont use any plugins at the moment.


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  • *edit*

    I’ve now reinstalled the whole blog.
    Cleared my dB.
    Still the same error message.

    A bit enojying tho. 🙁

    Edit #2.
    I’ve now clerared my db for the third time.
    I’ve installed WP 2.2 again. now WITHOUT swedish translation.
    And still that same “Length Reguired” error..
    What can be the problem? =/
    Starting to be mad here. Pulling my hair and screams. =/

    This is staring be an hell.
    I cant do nothing with my blog at any way. Always that error..
    “length Required”
    What the fuck can be the problem? =/

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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