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  • Update: I’m now seeing the edit link on the last few posts in ANY thread, if they were made within the last few minutes.

    did yer do an upgrade, or is this just a random happening due to the moon and the horse being in alignment? I know some people finding things going a little awry with the upgrade, most seem to be successful though

    Ah. Nope. This is specific to this forum software here that we’re posting on.

    My upgrades are sterling, thanks. Not a problem or a hitch other than my own idiocy. YMMV.

    Yes, I’m seeing the Edit link on all of the posts in this thread, for example. But if I click them, it just takes me to the main screen again. Whereas if I click on my own, I can actually edit it.

    No harm, no foul? 🙂

    Interesting. I didn’t click on them to find out. Still, it wasn’t this way about an hour ago (before dinner – that’s when I was on last).

    I’ve never understood YMMV, you young ruffians and your “secret code”.

    Ah now you mention yes, I see edit on your posts. Which is normal isn’t it? What happens if I click it? Hmm takes me back to the main page. Probably some live mucking around I suspect

    *laughing* Jinsan, you’re probably younger than my daughter! Regardless, “YMMV” equals “your mileage may vary” meaning what is good for me may not at all work for others….

    being a teen can do some strange things to the mind – I can’t wait to reach 16, I hear life is just one big motorway with non-stop jargon

    Oy. Actually she’s old enough to be YOUR mother. *sigh* Well, anyway, yes, a bunch of jargon, but really, it’s the “other” generations that provide most of it!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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