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  • You can edit your posts on this forum(not the titles though) for a limited amount of time after you make a post. As for the reason for not being able to edit after a longer period, I beleive it is a limitation. It also could be so that there is some consistency in what’s written here. If you wish to make a change a new post with the updated details would be great, and this might just be better, since people can trace back to the old entry if they need to. Often times, since replies are posted to the original post, changing the original post later might confuse the few who happen to read that thread later!

    i contacted Matt, and he never wrote me back
    is there anyone else here who can help me… basically… i want to get my URL out of the HTML in this thread so that google wont slurp it up… and keep my privacy
    any help would be greatly appreciated,

    yeah i have had problems with uris here getting caught by google 🙁
    sometimes it comes in very handy but well, it sucks too…
    matt i believe is outta station. just leave him a mail and hope he gets time.
    he gets lot of mail dude… 🙂 he still has not deleted my posts i told him do :p

    Another strange problem – if you edit your post, then go back and realise you missed something, and try to edit it again, it tells you that this forum has spam protection, and you’re only allowed to post once a minute.
    Since when does editing equal posting?
    And why does this spam message appear when you click on “Edit” instead of when you click on “Submit” (ie. you could easily spend the rest of the 60 seconds editing your post again, but you have to wait till the 60 seconds have passed before you can even enter the editing page)?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Google – email them (follow their Help link) and ask them to remove your url from their search results. They will do this, and it works.
    Not sure about other SE’s.
    Another point is that if you visit anywhere from a ‘secret’ site, the url to that site is revealed in the ‘referrer’ string which many tracking scripts can reveal.
    It is very hard to keep a site secret these days.
    Consider using a ‘robots.txt’ file (again, follow Google’s help link) and a password protection using .htaccess.
    Robots.txt is not obeyed by many other smaller SE’s

    Have I imagined this but isn’t the edit function for your own posts only activated if the member has posted his own url?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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