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    Actually the problems continue after the upgrade to 3.3.

    I opened this new thread on suggestions by others.

    My web site itself appears to work fine, however, in admin mode I cannot edit posts:

    The edit window remains empty.
    When trying to add a new post I can type a new title, but when I type text in the edit window the text remains invisible. It shows up only when the text area is highlighted. It can be published, however, and the text shows up on the published site.

    Add media does not work at all.

    There are no editing icons available.

    When trying to edit an old post the editing windows also remains visually empty. When highlighting the window the html code and other text shows.
    There is no difference between Visual and HTML windows.

    In Dashboard mode some other functions do not work either. E.g. selecting Screen Options or Help do not respond.
    Selecting “all” plug-ins for a bulk action does not select (act on) anything.

    Dragging widgets only highlights text but the widgets do not move. I have already widgets defined but I am not able to show them. The whole Widget area seems to be frozen and is unresponsive.

    These problems suddenly appeared after publishing a post yesterday afternoon (EST), just before the update to 3.3. appeared. Upgrading to 3.3. did NOT resolve the problem. There are no error messages.

    Deactivating the plug-ins did not resolve the problems.
    Selecting one of the default themes did not resolve the problems.
    Activating the Hotfix did not resolve the problem.

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  • Similar issues. edit post or new post, edit window shows the two tabs: Visual & html. but only shows html. won’t switch back. making changes to html and adding text works. can see it in preview.
    And, add media/image pulls up the popup, but not handy to use the drag and drop, and tho it seems to upload a selected image, it does not insert it in post.
    nor does the lightboxes work, tho the code seems to be still there. plugin on and off doesn’t help.

    My site is generally working okay, but I no longer have the two tabs in my editing window: Visual &html

    When I go to edit my posts they appear in html and there doesn’t appear to be any way to change this. I hate it. Does anyone have a solution?

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    Do you know what changes, if any, were made before this happened?

    Did you deactivate plugins or rename the plugins folder? Sometimes you have to rename it to kill bad plugins.

    That it happened pre-3.3 means it’s not a matter of the upgrade (so those of you having this ONLY in 3.3 need to go away and make your own topics, please and thank you).

    No changes were made. I published and it happened.

    I deactivated all plug-ins. That was a tricky issue, however. Everything looked screwed up after de-activation and I thoght I lost everything until I realized that the information just scrolled out of the usual visible area all the way down. So I was able to activate my plug-ins again.

    What do I use:
    Theme: Calotropis

    Categories to Tags Converter Importer
    CKEditor for WordPress
    NextGEN Gallery
    NextGEN Resize
    TinyMCE Advanced
    WordPress Importer
    WP Google Fonts

    Following up on a post elsewhere, installing the plugin Google Libraries did the trick. Now everything seems to work normal again.

    Thank you hapzfl, I was really desperate… just activated the plugin Use Google Libraries and everything seems fine, but Ipstenu’s answer onestly pissed me off…

    If a new version brings SO MANY problems we should be warned before…



    I agree. I’d have liked to have been warned beforehand. I have had no luck with Google Libraries or any other proposed solution.

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