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    I like the new look in wordpress admin however there is one eye soar remaining that is the list colors in the plugins page.

    I have been looking at the code but cannot find where to edit the colors so they will be same colorscheme as the rest of the admin instead of the 2 shades of green.

    Any one got a clue?

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  • Anyone anywho?

    anyone got a clue how to change the plugins color in the admin plugins page so it aint green? or is this a waste of time post.

    Firefox+web developer extension suggests it is .active td and td in wp-admin.css (around line 690)
    Untested theory though.

    IanD you rock man thank you i for the like of me would not of known that. thank here is a screeny of what looks like now….

    Looks good. How about posting the code here or on your site for others to use? Maybe even submit as a patch? 😉

    Good idea man, i see what i can come up with. I dont know exactly how would write a patch but certainly a small tutorial with the code is a good idea.

    If you are on a Linux based machine, then grab the original wp-admin.css file and name it wp-admin.css.orig and when your version of wp-admin.css, execute:

    diff -uBb wp-admin.css.orig wp-admin.css > wp-admin.patch

    You can now distribute the .patch file and people can apply it using:

    patch -b < wp-admin.patch


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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