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    When I try to upload an image to my new self-hosted blog, I get this message:

    This file is too big. Your php.ini upload_max_filesize is 2M.

    Is there a way to edit that file?

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  • That depends on how your webhost has the server configured. You are best to ask that question of your webhost. Some hosts have a way that you can have a local php.ini that you can edit that overrides the server’s default settings.

    On the other hand, you shouldn’t be uploading an image over 2 megs in size in the first place. That would be an right-from-the-camera image size. Images should first be reduced in size with image software before being uploaded. Most web images are under 100K, a twentieth of 2 megabytes. There still are many people on dialup internet connections, and a 2 megabyte download for them takes a long time.

    I’m aware about the image size. However, the same also goes for any file I will be needing to upload, some of which are naturally, large, like video. It’s less about the “images” and more about the limitation.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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