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  • Hi all… I have a serious problem which I really don’t understand. I came across this while trying to make a new plugin work with pretty permalinks. I messed around a bit, didn’t really succeed yet so I thought let’s go back to the default.

    I have this page:

    It uses a page template especially made for my plugin. Before messing around with the permalink structure I could request this:

    The page template used for page id 22 contains a function which does all kinds of stuff with the get parameter ‘tag’. It worked fine until I messed around with the permalinks. It’s back to the old situation now, I nuked the .htaccess but it doesn’t work anymore.

    What did I break???

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  • Addendum: It seems I can’t set the _wp_page_template.php field anymore! It keeps setting it to ‘default’ even though I type my template name…


    Nevermind. I fixed it by manually going into the database and set the proper value in the wp_postmeta table.

    Updating the field from within the CMS keeps setting it to ‘default’ no matter what I enter. Extremely weird!

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