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    Hello. I inherited the job of administering our company page that was recently converted to WordPress 3.7.1. I want to edit one of the existing pages. The web development company that initially created this for us has embedded a random generic youtube video on a page. I want to enter an appropriate vimeo video instead.

    I log on as WordPress editor/admin, click on Edit Page at the top of the desired page. This is where I run into problems. I’m expecting to see some HTML coding for the youtube embedded player and some HREF links, but instead it’s blank in the editor. Not only that, I cannot just create a new page as the editor only has two tabs, Visual and Text. From all the reading I’ve done, it should be Visual and HTML.

    I tried installing the Adminimize plugin and enabled/disabled HTML editing options. When I disable it, the “Text” tab disappears. So it’s like the Text tab is replacing the HTML tab somehow.

    So my question is how do I get the HTML option back and where is the old existing HTML code that is currently being displayed on the page?

    I emailed the website developer company to ask about changing the youtube video and they wanted to charge me just to change it to a vimeo one. Is it possible the company has disabled this for us?

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  • Anyone? Please assist if possible

    From all the reading I’ve done, it should be Visual and HTML.

    They changed the tab name to “text” and that’s where your html can be seen.

    Ok. Well so in theory, I should be able to see the youtube embedded source code under that “text” tab correct? It’s blank. Or should the old code be in a different location? I checked all the revisions and I don’t see the youtube embedded activity anywhere.

    Just to test, I added the embedded source code of the new vimeo video I created. The preview page doesn’t show the vimeo video. It looks like a blank spot where the video should be and then a link to the actual video. When I add a direct link to the vimeo video, it shows up, but not in the right position.

    Any ideas?

    Sorry if my questions are no brainer types. I have zero experience in any of this as it was handed down to me from another user no longer with company. I’m getting the hang of it though 🙂

    At this point I’ve probably got to see the page in question.

    hi jsumida, can you please provide a screenshot of your whole page because it might be a plugin or some shortcode in sidebar and please provide ur site url thanks

    Thanks for the replies.

    Here’s the URL of the page in question:

    Career Opportunities at Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc.

    When you say screen shot, do you mean the editing page?

    Here’s some screen shots

    1) this is the current page. I’ve made some notes on it of what is there

    2) this is the page after I simply add in the vimeo embedded source code. The youtube video disappears, but the vimeo video doesn’t show and is off to the right

    3) this is shot of the current editing page. Should I see the current coding here? As you can see it is blank

    Ideally I’d want the page to look exactly as is, but with the vimeo video in place of the youtube one. I have the href links for the links I circled in the first picture. Adding them in the editing page also makes them show up to the right like the vimeo video.

    Also note that I tried copying the current page to a new draft and doing a preview. It shows a blank page. The web content company did the original stuff so not sure exactly what they did. They want to charge us to simply change a video so I was tasked to making the change myself. Also felt it was a good opportunity to learn some WordPress to provide future support for simple things like this without needing to create a work order with the web content company.

    Thanks for any advice.

    just try this code and place in your page hope it comes

    change your vimeo url here

    If you get the embed code from vimeo and paste it in the “text” pane, it should work:
    Now, it’s possible the theme has a different way of adding videos so I’d scour all the theme’s options and see if that gives you a clue. Beyond that, unfortunately, your theme is a customized child theme not one from the repo, so can’t be tested which limits the support this forum can provide.

    Ok thanks guys.

    virendra930 – tried your recommendation and the video shows up, but way off to the right and not sized ideally. Any way to have to move and be resized? I’ll do a screen shot to show. photobucket is doing maintenance right now however

    webbrewers – Yeah, I tried using the direct embed code from vimeo and the results were the photo I linked (#2). Thanks for the tip on looking at the themes. I’m digging around trying to find anything about this.

    Here’s the screen shot of the output when I add in the vimeo link between the embed tags:

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    The image you don’t like is being inserted by a javascript.
    [edit] You need to upgrade to 3.81 as soon as possible.

    Moderator kmessinger


    You are using a plugin called footable. That is what is controlling the columns including the video. Who ever set this up for you were not very good.

    Ok cool. Yeah…this company…haven’t been very satisfied with them. That’s why I kind of don’t want to give them anymore money just to make a simple change.

    Ok, found the youtube link (finally). Removed it and put in my vimeo code. Works perfectly. Thanks for all the help, especially you kmessinger for pointing me in the right direction. Had to view custom fields in the edit screen to find it.

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