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  • When an logs in to edit their post, they’re allowed to edit only their own posts, but they’re also shown links to the other posts and I think this is confusing. In a blog with lots of posts, their posts get lost in the long list and in a blog with few posts, it makes new authors wonder why they can’t edit what they can see. Authors should edit and see links to only to their own posts.
    As for admin, they should be able to toggle between seeing their own posts and seeing all posts they can edit.

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  • I agree.
    What would be really nice on that page too would be a way of sorting the list, for example by clicking on the column to be sorted.
    Likewise on the Authors page.

    I third this… It’s quite important in a multi-author blog to only see your own posts in the UI — otherwise you’re looking for a needle in the haystack when you want to edit your old posts. Of course CNTRL+F can help, but I don’t want to make very un-saavy authors think too hard.
    On a related note, MT has a nice feature where the admin, who can see all posts, can quickly focus on one author’s posts by using a drop down menu: “view the entries where the author is…”
    These features would be most welcome in WP 1.3.

    a quick solution:
    in the edit page type in the address bar after edit.php ?author=1 where 1 is your author id. This works for any author, not only admins.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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