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  • Hi all,

    So I am a newbie to website building and therefore don’t really know much about how to edit a theme to remove a specific space or anything like that.

    I contacted the author of this theme (Agency X) and he said I would nee to contact a programmer to be able to fully customize the theme if I didn’t know how to edit it myself.

    I was hoping to reach out here for help to see if anyone could point me in the right direction….

    Basically if you take a look at my site (, you will see that on the home page there is a section under the client testimonials titles Services. There is space for 6 widgets….I really only need to use 3 of them but the others are there as blank space and there really is no way for me to remove them when they’re not being used…

    Could anyone help me remove that space? I’m pretty sure I need to edit the Theme’s style css but I’m not 100% sure…

    Any help is much MUCH appreciated! I’m at a loss at this point…I googled editing CSS but I’m not brave enough to edit it because I’ve already ‘broken’ the template once and had to start from scratch 🙁

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  • Do not edit the theme’s files directly. If the theme is updated, you will lose all the changes you have made.

    Instead, create a child theme, and make changes to the child theme’s stylesheet.

    Afterward, you can use Firebug to isolate those codes. But get a child theme set up first.

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