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  • simonerenea


    The site is based off of the Parent theme.

    Above is the link to my blog site before I get into discussing what is going on. I have yet to have my questions answered in, the responsive theme website forum.

    Okay now for the goooood stuff.

    1. I downloaded the Advanced Recent Post pluggin; so that my second page would hold all of my post, but the Home Page Widgets would show all of my recent posts. I have no idea how to use the pluggin. Im new to CSS coding.

    2. How do I change the link color from blue to something else? I tried, but nothing is working.

    3. How do I get rid of the grey shadow before selecting a link on the menu bar?

    Please help, I so lost and confused. I just downloaded everything about 3 days ago

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  • TiiuK



    1. Sry newbie myself, don’t know the plugin

    2. Open style.css with a text editor, find line 333 and change the color #0066CC to something else.

    3. Open style.css and find line 1756, remove background-image and -color.

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