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  • I’ve placed the “Meta” widget in my sidebar. It has links to Site Admin, Login/Logout, Entries RSS, etc. I want to edit these links. Can anyone tell me which php file to edit and what directory it would be in? There seems to be no way to edit it from the Sidebar Widgets Manager. Thanks!

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  • if this is the standard meta widget supplied with the widget plugin, you need to edit the widget plugin itself, its a long file, so search for meta in it until you find the right bit

    I’m having the same problem. I can’t find the meta widget plugin my wp-content/plugins folder.

    Whenever I edit the widget.php file in my wp-incudes folder the changes never take.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Can someone who knows how to edit the widget plugin tell us where the widget plugin to edit is located as what epicalex is talking about?


    I found it in the wp-includes directory.



    Thanks, rfrye. I finally widgetized my theme, and was left with this one question which is now answered. Theme working perfectly! Thanks!



    Thanks to this post, I now know why my theme’s sidebar.php edits made no difference at all.

    Modifying the wp-includes/widgets.php file was the ticket.


    hi, my meta content shows these few links:

    Site Admin
    Entries RSS
    Comments RSS

    how can i edit them and delete the last 3 links to show only “site admin” and “login”?
    pls help… i am newbie and dont know html much… 🙂

    If you are using the Meta widget you would have to edit wp-includes/widgets.php. If you are using widgets and don’t want to modify the core, then you could use a PHPexec widget and display just what you want.

    If your are NOT using widgets, then that stuff might be displayed by your theme’s sidebar.php file.

    Stepping into Templates
    Stepping into Template Tags
    Template Hierarchy
    Editing Files
    Otto’s execPHP widget

    I put the wp-includes/widgets.php in notepad and did a find for meta and it didn’t find it. Sort of leaves me at a loss but it is way beyond me.

    i just saw some other related posts and figured it out..
    its just too troublesome to edit the current meta widget.
    i just need to install the execPHP widget, and write the necessary meta content that i want to show on my site. then i take away the meta widget and use the execPHP widget instead.. thus it makes the task more easy..

    this is my 1st blog:
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    I have no wp-includes/widgets.php. What gives? The only widgets.php is in wp-admin…and I can’t figure out how to add or remove links in it, there’s too much going on and no obvious place to slot in a link. Please help!

    I have done that ( modify the widgets.php ) so that it can only show the login. But when I go back to my site, i was getting error message on line 466.

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