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  • Hi,

    I’m in contact with a person who is blind (on the French WordPress Slack). He wants to create his own website on and he told us how it’s difficult to edit menus in WP admin for him.
    So, I navigate through the page with my keyboard and a screen reader. Then, I tried to help him by giving him a page description.

    We noticed that :

    • this page lacks titles at the top of blocks to explain what these blocks are. This would help blind people to better find each block and to navigate easily from one block to another.
    • there are some masked explanations but not everywhere so, for example, he can’t imagine that clicking on links in “Menu structure” would have opened an accordion
    • there are some tabs navigation (at the top: “Edit menus” and “Manage locations”, in the left column: “Most recent”, “View all”, “Search”) but blind people can’t know which one is active not either that they are tabs.

    So, I think there are 2 steps to enhance editing menus in WP admin :

    1. giving more informations by screen reader texts
    2. using ARIA design patterns for tabs and accordions:

    For step 1, we could :

    • for all tabs: add a screen reader text on the active one “(current tab)”
    • for tabs at the top (“Edit menus” and “Manage locations”): remove the “h2” tag and use an unordered list (“ul”) with an “aria-label” attribute that would tell “Main tabs for editing menus”
    • add a title before each block: for left column, this could be “Choose which links you want to have in your menu”, for right column, this could be “Change parameters for the links you added in your menu (order, label, title…)”
    • add a screen reader text to “Add to menu” button, like “(after that, don’t forget to active “Save menu” button)”
    • add a screen reader text to links in the right column (just like in the left one): “Press return or enter to open this section”
    • add a screen reader text after the 2 first tabs, in a paragraph that would tell users something like “don’t forget to active “Save menu” button to save all your modifications”. So, if they don’t find that button, they could search it with their screen reader thanks to its name.

    These texts would help blind people to navigate title by title and to understand how it works.

    What do you think about it? Could it be added to WordPress admin?

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    That sounds like great feedback but I don’t think you’ve posted in the right place. The software at is entirely different from and because of this there are separate forums for each. If it is a issue you need to use’s forums:

    I didn’t know was so different from This is the explanation for why he was always lost after my description.

    My ticket is really for because actually, I didn’t test



    For information: I’ve just made a ticket on “Make WordPress Core”: because here, this is not the right place.

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