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    first… yes i run off a child theme.

    now…. i’ve been making some tweaks to my site, and through trial and error have gotten it close to acceptable. I am pretty novice when it comes to code, which is most likely why i’m running into the problem i am.

    Anyway, I noticed that my menu bar seems to be aligned too far to the left… when you hover over the “Home” button, it highlights an area outside the body of my site. I’m not sure how that happened, or how to fix it. below is a link to my site and I hope someone can help me fix this problem.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Michael


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    first… yes i run off a child theme.

    right now, there is no sign of a child theme in your site;


    Ok I lied…. I did so to avoid any “you need a child theme” remarks and get straight to the point. But that backfired apparently…

    I run off the original code and theme… I know the risks involved and don’t plan on updating my site. If I do plan to update in the future, I will create a child theme and go from there.

    So now that my failure is out of the way…. Shall we try again?

    Sorry, and thanks.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    You’re more likely to receive support if you use common standards like a Child Theme, as some volunteers may feel uneasy giving bad advice.

    Understandable….. But if anyone would please help regardless, I’d appreciate it.



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    imho, the issue with child themes is as follows:

    – for the current default theme of WordPress (e.g. right now Twenty Twelve), always create a child theme, use custom css, or create a clone for customisations; an unedited default theme is essential if something goes wrong.

    – for any other themes that come with the WordPress installation (incl. the former default themes Twenty Eleven, Twenty Ten), it is highly recommended to create a child theme or use custom css, as the likelyhood of updates is high, and the associated risk of accidentally overwriting any edits that comes with it;

    – any other themes – judge for your self, depending on the frequency of updates, and if you consider it beneficial to keep the themne compliant with the latest WordPress version for longer.

    – also depends on the scope of your customisations; smaller edits for instance are better and easier done with a child theme.

    re your ‘problem’:

    in style.css:

    there is a negative left margin in the style of #access ul { ... }

    wow…. i was editing the wrong part of the margin. my own fault as i dont understand the whole set up of the code well. (obviously apparently)

    i thought the margin code read margin: left, top, bottom, right;
    so… thanks for educating me on that.

    thank you alchymyth for pointing out my issue.

    and thank you all for your insight on the use for the child theme. i do understand the reason for using it, i just have been lazy and not set one up. i’ve been editing the original theme for 2years and havent had any issues. i always copy the piece of code i’m about to change, edit it, check my site and if something goes wrong i go back and paste the original back to fix it, then repeat until i get it right. i know probably anyone on here will look down on me for doing it that way, but i havent had any issues yet…. so until i decide to install any updates, i’ll probably stick to what i’m doing. if i decide to change things and update, then i’ll probably use a child theme to make sure i dont lose anything.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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