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Editing look of template

  • I am a CSS/XHTML newbie. I am editing a template on a backup site: http://timandjen.net/blog until I get it to look how I want it to, then the plan it to export it to the real site at http://babygotbooks.com

    My editing style is basically cutting and pasting script until it looks right. I have no idea what I am doing. Here’s my laundry list of things that I can’t get to work the way that I would like (the template started out as Green Track):

    (1)I would like to get rid of that stupid dot in front of the Blogroll – no idea why it is there – can’t get rid of it

    (2) I would then like to change the title of the Blogroll sidebar heading to something else, but I can’t find where to do that.

    (3) This template does not have a 404 Page. I created a page, called it 404 – how do I get that to show up?

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  • (1)The <.li> tag that your Blogroll is in is *not* within a <.ul> tag. Therefore, it’s not stripping the default list-style-type.

    (2) I’m kinda new to WordPress myself, but I’m guessing you’d find your template files and change it in there. Someone else probably has a better answer to this one.

    (3) Usually, you have to end the 404 with .shtml, and you have to either 1) contact your web host provider about custom error pages (many have a place in your hosting control panel that handles this) or 2) use an .htaccess file in the top level of your server to designate your custom error pages. Error pages have nothing to do with WordPress functions.

    As I say, I am new to this whole scrip editing thing. In reponse to (1): Are you saying … well I don’t know what you are saying. Can you dumb that down a little for me? Sorry.

    (2) I have been looking for the template file that has the “Blogroll” title in it so that I can dump it. No luck so far…

    (3)Ah… The Kubrick default template had a 404 template page that was editable. So I thought that it would be nice and easy to do something similar.

    >>As I say, I am new to this whole scrip editing thing. In reponse to (1): Are you saying … well I don’t know what you are saying. Can you dumb that down a little for me? Sorry.<<

    It’s not editing the script, it’s editing the PHP template file.

    In there, you’ll see your sidebar is made up of a bunch of <.ul><.li> tgas. (ignore the “.”, as it’s only there so you can see the tags I’m talking about) <.li> *must* be inside a <.ul>. Your “Blogroll” section is not.

    It *should* look like this:


    But there are not surrounding <.ul> tags. Therefore, the “dot” is there, because by default, list items have a bullet in front of them. But since you haven’t surrounded it by the proper tags, the bullet is showing up.

    If *I* were in need of finding the proper files to edit, I’d look in my wp-content/themes/whatever-theme-name-the-one-you’re-using-is and find the “index.php” or the “sidebar.php” file. I’ll bet that’s where the “Blogrolling” title is to chnge it, and wher you need to insert the correct tags.

    OK. I’m with you. I have been making the edits in the index.php file. There is no “blogrolling” text to edit. The line in questions says:

    ‘<.ul><?php get_links_list(); ?><./ul>’

    I can’t figure out where the get_links_list reference goes. I got rid of the dot. One small victory.

    Just found the answer to the Blogroll question here:


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