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  1. dpcdesigns
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Has anyone attempted this? I'm trying to get Login with AJAX to include handling the registration as well. i see this in the php file

    // Reads ajax login creds via POSt, calls the login script and interprets the result
    	function login(){
    		$return = array(); //What we send back
    		$loginResult = wp_signon();
    		$user_role = 'null';
    		if ( get_class($loginResult) == 'WP_User' ) {
    			//User login successful
    			/* @var $loginResult WP_User */
    			$return['result'] = true;
    			//Do a redirect if necessary
    			$data = get_option('lwa_data');
    			$user_role = array_shift($loginResult->roles); //Checking for role-based redirects
    			if( isset($data["role_login"][$user_role]) ){
    				$return['redirect'] = $data["role_login"][$user_role];
    			}else if($data['login_redirect'] != ''){
    				$return['redirect'] = $data['login_redirect'];
    		} elseif ( get_class($loginResult) == 'WP_Error' ) {
    			//User login failed
    			/* @var $loginResult WP_Error */
    			$return['result'] = false;
    			$return['error'] = $loginResult->get_error_message();
    		} else {
    			//Undefined Error
    			$return['result'] = false;
    			$return['error'] = 'An undefined error has ocurred';
    		//Return the result array with errors etc.
    		return $return;

    Now I'm assuming i can create a new function called 'register' and pretty much use code as a starter. My first stumbling block is trying to figure out how to get it to determine if the registration was successful or not. At first, I assumed i would change $loginResult = wp_signon(); to $loginResult = wp_register(); but i'm not sure if that returns anything on a successful registration, and if it does what does it return? not finding much info in the codex on this topic, so i'm hoping someone can help me out!

  2. j0shu4
    Posted 6 years ago #

    OK...thanks to no one at wordpress...

    if ( get_class($chLogin) == 'WP_User' || is_user_logged_in() ) {

    does the trick

    hope that helps dpcdesigns

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