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  • Hello, I am in the process of creating a blog via 1&1’s hosting system. I am wondering if I can directly edit the HTML in the right navigation, as I’d like to change the order of things and do not see a way to do that through the admin tool.

    My site is – if that helps.

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  • Have you tried, from the wordpress admin panel: Presentation/Theme Editor ? You can select the sidebar.php file and then edit it.

    If you get a warning that says your files are not “writable” you will need to change the permissions for your wp-content directory (

    Under Presentation, I see only “Themes” and “Header Image and Color.” Is “Theme Editor” something else?

    yes. “theme editor” comes in-between those two. are you logged in as the “admin” ? And, is this a installation you did or are you working on like a “” multi-blog platform ? That would be different.

    I am logged in as the admin, and I’m using the WordPress tools that come with 1&1’s Internet hosting service. So they may block this functionality.

    the easiest way to rearrange items in the sidebar is to install the widgets plugin. that’s it’s purpose.

    if you prefer to edit the sidebar.php that is in your theme, you can make changes on your own computer using notepad, and then probably use one of scp, sftp, or ftp to upload the file to your web account, replacing the existing one.

    Can you do one of those?

    Thanks to both respondees. I’ve sent an email to 1&1 inquiring how I can install the plugin on my blog, which they host. That sounds like the easiest solution.

    1&1 use their own version of wordpress, if you want plugins and custom themes you’ll need to download wordpress and install it in your webspace,

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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