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    I am using the free version of WP lead pages. With the help of the videos- i was able to figure my way through some of the issues.

    1-I wanted to install a custom background, and inserted the link in the custom box. but no custom background. also- should there be an option in the backgrounds of no-backround? because I can’t go back to blank now, only CHANGE the image.

    2- the header above the video: it keeps centering, and will not show any added text. I would rather have a title of some sort than an image- logo. the text box types.. but no text shows. Between the image refusing to reposition and no option to have a text header– this is kind of sucky.

    also- I want this page to be a child-page, and not show on the menu bar of the main site… how can I change this?

    this is the link to the test-page: http://www.beingherd.com/test-page/


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  • Plugin Author codingpuss


    Hi horsewise,

    Thanks for trying out the plugin.

    1. If you want to use no background, please insert http://no.jpg into the custom background box.

    2. If you want to make the header image align left, please create a long banner with your logo align left.

    Best regards,


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