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  1. amosuro
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have been using the Pronamics Google Maps plugin for a site, and it basically uses a search bar to find all of the nearest 'Events' to whatever Postcode/Location is entered.

    I have several problems, which I'm sure if I was more familiar with the Google API, would be simple to fix:

    1) I want to be able to control what is displayed on the map before the user searches anything. I would preferably like the map to actually display the 'Event' markers on the map even if the user hasn't actually typed in and searched anything.

    2) I also noticed that if a location is searched, where there isn't any markers nearby (e.g. try searching Liverpool) then the map seems to display somewhere in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean! Is there a way I can simply get the map to either a) show the location that was searched, even if there are no markers nearby or b) show a zoomed out view so that they can at least see some of the markers?

    3) There is an Event marker which has been assigned to the location 'Windsor', however, when I search for 'Windsor' it can't be found, but when I search for 'West London' it does. Is there any way of controlling how users can search (ie. by postcode, county, city etc)?

    Here is my php code:

    [code removed - Mod]

    Would really appreciate some help with this. Can provide a link if required.

    Thank you

  2. Please post your code up on pastebin.com

  3. amosuro
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Apologies, didn't realise my code came out rubbish!

    PHP code:


    Jquery code:


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