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  • Hi:
    I do not want to remove the credits but just want to edit them as follows:

    “Site powered by Custom Community Theme by Themekraft”

    I know I could do this when I sued the pro version, but how should I do this in free version.

    Thank you.

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  • Hi Masood,

    you can find the concerning code in core/includes/theme-generator/theme-generator.php

    as your changes would be lost with every update, it would be better solution to make a child theme.

    then create a functions.php where you copy the code from the function for the footer credit.

    and then use a add_action to hook your new function to the footer.

    and a remove_action to deregister the old footer credits function.

    depending on how much you’d like to step into the code..

    hope this helps, konrad

    Hi masoodraja,

    You can do this but you have to hack the theme (not the child theme) so be careful and don’t blame me if it all goes wrong!

    Go to wp-content/themes/custom-community/core/includes/theme-generator and open theme-generator.php. You can then change the contents of the div. Scroll to line 434 and replace the content of the credit div with whatever you like. In my case I have put

    '<div class="credits"><?php printf( __( ' - Design by Fandam Studios | Development by MazuriDesign. ', 'cc' ), bloginfo('name') ); ?></div>'

    Obviously if you update the theme in the future you will need to redo this as it will be lost.

    <?php print 'Design by <a class="credits"">Fandam Studios</a> | Development by <a class="credits" href="">MazuriDesign</a>. ' ?> is cleaner….

    …actually it looks like konradS has beaten me to it with quicker and better advice!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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