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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m new here, as well as fairly new to wordpress. I’ve done a fair amount of PHP and various other web scripting languages, but I’m no expert. My boss has asked me to take a wordpress site (small — about 2 – 3 pages) and recreate it with different colors and images ~ 10 times.

    I’ve been digging through this code trying to figure out a slideshow on the home page of these websites. The code for this slideshow is located in a file called template-homepage.php. This design only appears on the homepage and is generating these slide show images dynamically. The problem is that I can’t find where the array containing image and link URLs is being populated. Could this be a plugin? If so, I’m unable to find the plugin from the dashboard. Here is the code:

    <div id="slider" style="width:<?php get_option_tree('homepage_slider_width', '', true); ?>px; height:<?php get_option_tree('homepage_slider_height', '', true); ?>px">
                        $slides = get_option_tree('homepage_slider', '', false, true, -1);
                        $string_resize = '';
                        if(get_option_tree('homepage_slider_autoresize', '', false)=='on')
                            $string_resize = ' width="' .  get_option_tree('homepage_slider_width', '', false) . '" height="' .  get_option_tree('homepage_slider_height', '', false) . '"';
                            echo '<a href="' . $slides[$i]['link'] . '" class="' . $slides[$i]['class'] . '"><img src="' . $slides[$i]['image'] . '" alt="' . $slides[$i]['title'] . '"' . $string_resize . ' /></a>
                    </div><!-- End SLIDES -->

    I can post more if need be. I’ve tried to figure out what this get_option_tree() function is all about but the information I’ve found so far has been of little use. I would really appreciate at least a push in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

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  • instantaphexx


    So I’ve been able to glean that the previous developer used a theme called ABRAX. Does anyone have any experience customizing the slider on the homepage?



    Looks like ABRAX is a commercial theme from Theme Forest — so you should contact them for help — commercial themes are not generally supported here as the themes are not freely available.

    Have you looked at Theme Development? Might be helpful with general info about how WP works…



    Understandable. I haven’t yet looked at a theme development tutorial. I’ve been trying to work with drupal theme development when this project was handed to me. Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

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