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  • I have seen a few threads on a similar vein and not sure if there’s any solution. I hate to drag around a laptop and use my iPad for everything when I’m away from my desktop. But I don’t think there’s any way to edit WP code on the iPad (meaning CSS, templates, php as presented in the admin screens of WP). I can edit posts and all that and I know all about the WordPress for iOS. But there is no capability to select and edit code in a text field of one of the admin screens. For some reason it just won’t select. Btw, I have tried using Google’s Chrome and the problem remains.

    Now and then I find there are certain things you just can’t do on the iPad…but no reason not to try to make it work. 🙂

    Any talk of a solution to this??


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  • Christine Rondeau


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    I never thought about editing files on an iPad. Personally I would prefer to lug my laptop around, but it looks like there are apps out there.

    I just did a quick google search and found thi –

    These might be worth investigating.

    thanks Christine, but none of those apps will do.

    what is needed is either some way to present the PHP or CSS code in text fields in a browser (or in the WordPress for iOS) so that the code could be selected and edited. i’m not talking about just editing source, which some of these apps do, but the files within the WP admin dashboard. that requires some other magic methinks.

    There’s already the built-in editor for doing basic theme updates, so it’s not going to be a huge stretch to modify that sort of system to allow you to modify any file in the system. You’d most liekly need to program your own plugin that can list the files, read them in, allow you to edit them, then save them again. This is one of the few times that I’ll say that it’s actually easier then it sounds.



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    Have you tried asking about this on

    I use diet Coda, personally. Works WAY better, and has colors.

    Hmm…have to look into that. Although not being familiar with it, I thought maybe you were joking.

    Can you do what I was talking about in Coda: Access what would otherwise be presented but not editable in Dashboard on iOS and edit away? Or is it just a really nifty coding app. (not that there’s anything wrong w/dat.) 🙂

    thanks mika!

    Coda is my coding app of choice (it’s essentially FTP on steroids with file editing, SVN, etc). Diet Coda is a lighter version, but its geared to PHP/CSS in a way that no web-app really is. Access is 100%, you can even upload images and files 🙂 I edit my themes on it when I’m on the go.

    Chris Olbekson


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    +1 for Diet Coda. It doesn’t allow you to edit local files from your desktop by default but you can ssh into your mac or any online server.

    I wrote a little how to if anyone is interested.

    may have to check it out…thanks chris & mika.

    forgot to thank @michael.m — that may be easier than it sounds to you, but my ears hear tougher, not having written a plugin or nothin.

    I have a Galaxy Tab and shared hosting at HostGator, which has cPanel. cPanel has a built-in code editor, and I’ve worked that way before, albeit a desktop is much easier to use.

    Just a thought, if nothing else works for you.


    From cPanel’s Code Editor, can you get to edit the WP files as in Dashboard?? My host has cPanel too. But I see your point: it’s a editor inside a browser inside of cPanel inside of a … well u get the idea. 😉

    A plugin would be much the same. An editor inside a browser inside of WP… 😉

    Okay Mika, Michael Mariart above said:

    program your own plugin that can list the files, read them in, allow you to edit them, then save them again. This is one of the few times that I’ll say that it’s actually easier then it sounds.

    so maybe i hack at it in whatever spare time i have, you and michael guide me whatever plug-in writing support you can offer, and we make millions (thousands? hundreds? a few shekels?) selling it but more likely giving it away?

    well, that is unless someone wants to start hacking since i dunno what the $(@# i’m doing. 😉

    Hi coolpillows,

    Are you serious about making such a plugin? If so, I’d love to contribute.

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