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  • Hi,

    First of all I hope this is the right place!

    I’m creating a website for my company, and I’ve been asked to ensure that 2 contact phone numbers and an email address are displayed prominently on all pages.

    With the theme I’m using, I’m guessing that my easiest option would be to edit the breadcrumb trail coding to display the information. However, when I’ve gone into the php and edited it, it seems to break something, and I get a HTTP 500 error message on all pages except the homepage.

    I’m a bit stuck. Can anyone help?

    Website is

    The code I’m trying to edit is:

    <div id="breadcrumb-bar-wide">
    		<?php } ?>
    				<div id="breadcrumb-bar" <?php echo $cur_template=='contact_us.php'?'class="contact"':'' ?>>
    					<?php if(isset($ns_options_frnt['cs_bread_crumbs']) && $ns_options_frnt['cs_bread_crumbs']=='active') {
    						<div id="breadcrumb"><?php $breadcrumbs_go = new simple_breadcrumb; ?></div>
    					<?php } ?>

    Thanks 🙂

    [No bumping. If it’s that urgent, consider hiring someone.]

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