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  • When I use FireFox to write a new post, I have an editing bar that lets me insert photos, select bold text, choose indentation, etc.

    This bar does not show up under Safari and OmniWeb. Is there a reason why?

    Has this been discussed before? I apologize if it has, I searched the forums already.

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  • Safari and Omniweb don’t support it. End of matter. (I think that editor is called something like tinymce.)

    I’m not sure what the Safari/Omniweb developers are thinking in regard to future support for such. But for now it isn’t there.

    On a Mac particularly you have to have several browsers available at your fingertips. Safari looks MUCH better than Firefox IMHO, but I have Firefox ready at the mouse if I want a WYSIWIG editor for writing WordPress posts.


    Safari and Omniweb don’t support what? Standard HTML/XHTML/CSS? PHP? WordPress?

    I thought WP was based on standards? Are there some hacks that WP is using? If so, this is a strong reason for not using WP.


    sgluskin > thanks for the info. That’s too bad to hear, since I prefer Safari as well. Nothing we can do then, huh?

    outbound, I’m sure the situation will get better with time. But my feeling about computers, Internet etc. is that nothing works perfectly. You have to have a bunch of tools ready. Yeah, so you browse by default in Safari — and when that doesn’t work for what you need, you use a different tool — occasionally that even means, ouch, using a PC — but that doesn’t make me angry or want to junk my PC or scream at the PC dominated world, I just move on realizing that there are a lot of PCs around and when Ineed to use one, it isn’t too hard to find.

    And like I said before, Firefox for Mac does fine with the WYSIWYG editor for WordPress.

    WordPress is based on standard; however browsers are not always the same way. Some have an entirely different way of rendering HTML and even another entire DOM for itself. It’s just one of those things that you can’t prevent.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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