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  1. jeremyt323
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I'm having quite a bit of a difficult time getting my background color on a website I work on to match up with a photo that's used as a header.

    The site is http://www.livingonpoint.com

    The header is a jped that came with the theme, but that I've edited (color-wise). There is also an embedded gif file that I've edited to place the red color immediately behind the text from the posts. What I can't get is the color on the wings outside of the <page> section under the header. I thought perhaps I could just set the main <body> background color to the color that I wanted, and that the jpeg file would sit on top, giving me the color scheme that I wanted - but when I edit that part of the css file (the part I supposed controlled the general background color), nothing changes.

    I would be grateful if someone could give me advice about how to change the background color here.


  2. markdw
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Make the background colour of your body tag (currently transparent) the same colour (391B08) as the bottom of your body background image.

  3. jeremyt323
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Thanks for the help!

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