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  • This problem has happened to me several times now. I will go and edit an article, save the changes, and when I go back to view it on the site or look in the preview pane below, the article has been deleted.

    This does not happen everytime but is really concerning me. Has anyone encountered this? Is there any resolution to fix it?

    I wasn’t able to locate anything via search on this so I apologize if this question has been asked before.

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  • Is the post in your database table, wp-posts? You can use phpMyAdmin to find that out…

    Any chance your date is wrong?

    No, the date was not wrong. I still have the old article ID on my screen where I saved a change…

    The article is showing up in the database and none of these articles every vanish except when I click on the Edit Post button or edit an already submitted article.

    I created a new article for it–which can be viewed here:

    The original ID for this article was:

    When it happened the first time, I thought I had done something wrong… However, now that it is happened multiple times, I am afraid we may have a really serious bug or something is not configured right on my word-press install.

    Any other suggestions?

    Actually, I may take that back the the date is not wrong. It looks like this is the Time Stamp from the deleted article that is still up on my screen:

    Existing timestamp: January 02, 2006 @ 00:00

    Would that be an invalid time? I guess I need to go through the DB and change all of those if that is the case. We imported several articles from MS SQL and I guess some of the times were brought over as 00:00

    Okay, this is very strange. The article is still in the database but it isn’t showing up from within WordPress.

    What would you suggest me doing to resolve this? I appreciate your help.

    Just for grins, if you change one of those 00:00 to 00:01, does the post then display?

    A bit of a stretch as 00:00 should be a valid time (right? midnight?) but worth a shot.

    Okay, I just logged into the database again and I modified the time. It still is not showing up from within Word Press. However, if I manually type in the ID number for the post, from within the manage screen, I can pull up the article. The preview below says “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” So even if I save this article again–WordPress will not view it.

    Nothing from this article has changed from when it was showing up–except I modified the article and saved it. By modifying the article, I changed a spelling mistake, altered a category, or something minor like that.

    Is there an option to “rebuild the database” or something that would repair it? Something seems wrong here.

    Also, I am hosted on one of the hosts that I fond here on They have a feature that automatically installs WP. So I am fairly confident the install should be good.

    Thanks for your help–as I am extremely worried about this.

    Kaleb, what happens if you edit the article IN THE DATABASE? Could you set up a test article to see?

    [Hmph. Aerosmith is JUST FINE, thanks….]

    And the post status for the post is?

    If I edit the article in the Database, all changes are seen if I manually type the ID in the edit post page. However, the preview pane (below the article) is still saying:
    “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”

    The article does not show up on the site and it doesn’t even show up in the backend when I search for it. I can only get to it if I manually type in the ID number from the edit post page.

    The post status is Publish and it was when I edited the article. This has been the case for all 5 or 6 articles this has happened to.

    When I edit any other post in the database, they are seen in the backend just fine.

    BTW, I am running 2.02 now on a server that automatically installs WordPress.

    Okay, but it doesn’t matter what shows in the preview pane. Are you seeing the post where it belongs in your blog?

    No, the post does not show in preview, the post does not show in the blog, the post does not show up in the backend.

    Okay, just checking…. I frequently get the preview frame problem (which is why I don’t use it) but I’ve not had the other at all. Then again, I have “self-installed” upgrades.

    If this were me…. I would backup the database two or three times, delete the wp installation EXCEPT the wp-content folder and wp-config.php, and upload all the files except those from a freshly downloaded and uncompressed distro. No guarantee, but that’s where I’d start.

    the big problem with this is if I do this, I will have no way of knowing if the problem is resolved. I have had this up and running, in its current form, for almost a week and I have caught it a few times by looking for an article I edited.

    It just seems so strange tha the DB has the content and WordPress doesn’t see it completely. Are there any fields in the DB I could look for that might cause an article to not appear?

    Just for grins, turn off the advanced editor and pull up a post in the basic editor and save it. I’m betting it shows up then.

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