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  • Hiya. I ran across WP after looking at b2 recently. Needing something to get away from Livejournal with, I installed this, and found myself quite happy with its ease of use and the general ease of creating a new template for it. In fact, I’ve been sitting here, working on a template of my own to be able to better blend it with my upcoming overhaul, but right now, my project has come into a bit of a blocker.
    This is what I’ve done so far. []
    What I want to do is take the Monthly Archive listing and shorten the month names.
    Instead of having October 2003, November 2003, I’d rather switch it to my personal preference of 2003.Oct, 2003.Nov. I just don’t know how to do this. (In addition, I wanted to switch the dates over my entries to a similar string: 2003.Nov.2, with an addition to the daily entries: All times show up as normal, but also show up in Biel Mean Time (@###), as well.)
    Also, there is something else I’d like to do.
    I’m decent with CSS, but there are things I don’t know.
    Is it possible to control how much unordered lists are indented, especially when nested?

    • Such as…
      • Something like this?

    (though this just feels awkward, typing it, as if I had it wrong, but w3c invalidated it when I used ul li /li ul li /li /ul /ul.)
    Thanks to anyone who can help me or point me in the right direction. 🙂

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  • Okay. I apparently figured out the CSS issue I’ve had, to get them to not use so much margin space.
    However, I’m unsure on date-handling. I had a look in /b2-include/b2template.functions.php earlier, and I found a function called the_date, but I don’t understand how to edit it, if this is the one I needed to edit.
    Is there anyone willing to guide me in the right direction?
    Thanks. 🙂

    🙂 I saw this post and was hoping someone would answer it, but I guess I should stop being lazy++. Look for b2template.functions.php in your b2-include. Now, while in there, look for the line
    $archive_date_format_over_ride = 0;
    Change the 0 to a 1. Now look for:
    $text = sprintf(“$s $d”, $month[zeroise($arcresult->month,2)], $arcresult->year);
    (line 171 in the unhacked version, inside the function get_archives) and replace with:
    $text = sprintf(“%2(backslash)$d.%1(backslash)$.3s”, $month[zeroise($arcresult->month,2)], $arcresult->year);
    and Voila…
    PS: Please replace (backslash) including the brackets with real backslashes

    I think I understand your question, but I think I think wrong 🙂 The way I understand it, you are asking if your archives path would change accordingly with the change of the main blog folder. If I decide to move my WordPress folder into the root of the website or to any other folder, as long as I change the siteurl settings in the options (and the few other link based settings) WordPress will not care. Everything should work just fine. For example: and are 2 different blog folders with slightly different templates and completely different PHP files and such, but they access the same information. Was this your question, and consequently, does the answer work?

    I’m not exactly sure how to explain this.
    What I have:
    Wordpress is installed at /wp
    My main site is sitting at /
    What I’d like to do is allow my blog to be readable from /
    And not send them into /wp
    to read anything (with plans to protect /wp from the outside world via .htaccess).
    (edit, addendum:)
    I just moved the new template in question to /
    and changed one thing. The blog is readable, but for the archives, it still refers to /wp/index.php, which I don’t want.
    I would think the archives would refer back to themselves, should one have changed the file “index.php” to something else, to better integrate it with their site, but I have a feeling that I’ve missed something, as usual?

    Allusion is the best person to answer this. But WordPress (and consequently you) will be happier if it is installed inside the pre-determined directory structure. If you move the template (the index.php) outside the main wp directory, things will inadvertently break. I would really like to know your reasons behind wanting to password protect everything behind /wp directory. Is your main site different from the WordPress blog?
    Now, to answer your archives link question. Those links are created by appending to the $siteurl variable inside b2template.functions.php When you change this under wp-admin and options, it should change it for the archives links as well.

    Okay. Another question hits me, then:
    Would it be a good idea for me to get the latest from CVS, and work from there? I’m asking a lot of questions, I know, but I think it’s better to be curious, and learn, so that I may be able to share wisdom imparted to me at a future time, instead of asking nothing, knowing nothing, and just mooching off everyone else.
    I’m just hoping that I can use mod_rewrite for cleaner links, such as my permalinks. It just feels awkward to have a permalink of /index.php?p=blah&c=woohoo to me – bBlog (one of the other scripts I’ve used) had clean links implemented, which was very nice for me. 🙂 (Main reason I discarded bBlog was simply the lack of Pingback, which I wanted.)
    And, speaking of links, is there a way I can change the link my feeds give, so that they actually point to my blog entries, rather than otherwise? (ie: /weblog?p=… or a cleaned up implementation, instead of /wp/index…)
    I can only hope this is making sense.

    Ooh. I see there was something offered as I was composing my thoughts. I’ll take a look at this, and see what happens. 🙂
    I’ll end up pass-protecting wp-admin, after all, which should achieve the desired effect. The reason I was going for this is I decided *after* I got things set up that I wanted to make my blog viewable within my new layout at the same time. Rather than breaking links (again), especially the feeds, I was hoping for some ability to make the entries viewable else-site, despite the potential headache this might cause me.

    I’ve decided to just grab the latest WP out of CVS, and plunk it in the base directory, despite not wanting to really do it. The whole project of mine is causing me far too much stress, so eh, why not?
    (And then I walk myself into more stress. Check my other thread. Heeh.)



    I know this is 2 years old, but I am actually wonderng how to do this on WP 1.5

    I know how to change it in the post itself, but in the archive listing it still shows up as a full month.

    Thanks for any help!

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