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  • Plugin Author ollybach


    you cannot edit an existing order. once its ordered, it’s ordered

    if someone wants to order more, they will have to order again

    so I guess they would have to delete the order and re-do it?

    so it is all on the same order ticket.

    how would I set it up to re-inject all the variables back into the cart from a previously placed order and allow you to add more items or edit them and replace the order?

    I will start looking at the code myself to see about this but if you can set me in the right direction on where to look

    Plugin Author ollybach


    i dont think i entirely understand the scenario then…

    did they already send the order, or have they just gone to the order page and realised they forgot something (in which case they can just go back to a page with menu items on it and add some more stuff….)

    if they already placed the order, and called the restaurant to fix it – restauraant in order history screen clicks a button near print order to edit the order.. it would inject the order details back to the front end for the restaurant to append changes for the customer all while on the phone. then reprocess it and tell customer to have a nice day and the order will lbe there shortly 🙂

    Plugin Author ollybach


    hmm, maybe.
    i’ll think about that one

    this same code for re-injecting the orders could be utilized as a starting point for adding a customer re-order system in the future too. with checks on if the same ingredients are still available and notification of price changes of course.

    I imagine you would probably want to add the session values to the database at time of checkout.

    also a system for editing an already added to cart i.e. a pizza that has tons of toppings but they forgot one after adding to cart but before ordering. or they decided on no onions etc.

    Hows the thoughts on this ollybach?

    Plugin Author ollybach



    my thoughts are that I’m very busy at the moment and I’m not going to be able to do anything about this for a while


    am I on the write track as far as how it should/would be implemented?

    Plugin Author ollybach


    generally speaking, yes, but as it stands at the moment there are a few caveats (especially if you are using some premium extension – i.e add ingredients – but thst’s not for this forum as per WP forum guidelines)

    either way though the session order variables (and therefore the order) – get stored in the order_ini column already of the wppizza_orders table

    i shall mark this as resolved though as the answer to the original question – as it is at the moment anyway – has to be : no, you cannot edit an existing order.

    However, I agree that it does make sense to do this somehow at some point but it may be a while yet until I find the time to make this happening

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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